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6 x 12 Cargo Trailer The 6 x 12 cargo trailer holds up to 396 cubic feet. It has the lowest deck, padded rub rails, radial tires, and automatic hydraulic surge brakes. Inside dimensions are (LxWxH): 11’7” x 6’ x 5’5”. Door Opening (WxH): 5’10” x 4’10”. Max Load: 2600 lbs. Call 1-800-835-0004 or (931) 455-0009 for availability!

5 x 8 Cargo Trailer Without a doubt this is our most popular and economic trailer! It packs 208 cubic feet with a max load of 1800 lbs. Inside dimensions are (LxWxH): 8’ x 4’8” x 5’4”. Door Opening (WxH): 4’ x 4’10”. Call 1-800-835-0004 or (931) 455-0009 for availability!

4 x 8 Cargo Trailer If your hauling needs are small consider this 4 x 8 trailer! It carries 142 cubic feet. Max load is 1650 lbs. Inside dimensions are (LxWxH): 8’1” x 4’1” x 4’. Door Opening (WxH): 3’1” x 3’5”.

5 x 9 Utility Trailer Sometimes your items just won't fit in an enclosed trailer! That's why we rent these 5 x 9 open utility trailers! Max load is 1890 lbs. Inside dimensions are: 7’8” x 4’10”.

Auto Transport Trailer U-Haul is the only company that rents towing equipment without having to rent a truck as well. This transport has an easy access loading ramp, ratchet-operated tire straps, security chains, and the fender tilts out so you can open your doors! It' the safest way to haul a car! Keep all your wheels off the ground! Max load: 4000 lbs.

Vehicle Tow Dolly This is the most economical way to tow a vehicle. Max load 3450 lbs. when towing a front-wheel drive vehicle; 3900 lbs. when towing a rear-wheel drive vehicle.

Boxes, Appliance Dolly, Arm Lift Straps Lyn-Mor also offers all the moving supplies you'll need, including boxes! We'll buy back the boxes you don't use! Appliance Hand Dollys and Arm Lift Straps are real worksavers, too! Call 1-800-835-0004 or (931) 455-0009 for availability!