A.R.E. Deluxe Commercial Units for Fleet Vehicles

There are hundreds of truck cap options for fleet applications. Your truck is a tool for business. The way it's laid out can greatly improve the efficiency of your operation. Our Deluxe Commercial Units (DCU), enhance the way you do business!

Lyn-Mor Truck Accessories offers fleet managers professional fleet services. They consider all of the variations that different vehicle manufacturers have in the basic design of truck beds, chassis, driver's view, weight applications, and performance. Compartments, when used properly, save you time. If you spend less time looking for tools and more time using them on the job, you become more profitable.

If the pressure is on you to get it done quickly and get it right for your company, don't re-invent the wheel! Simply call our Fleet Manager, Missy Shahan. It may comfort you to know that Missy is a co-owner of the company! She understands the special needs of fleet buyers, and she knows that commercial vendors make money with their trucks. Let Lyn-Mor utilize their fleet experience for your benefit!

Call today! 1-800-835-0004 or 931-455-0009!

A.R.E. DCU Open Sides A.R.E. DCU CX Series